Atari Flipper

In 1976, Atari, a company well known for its video games, began manufacturing pinball machines. The machines had features such as a wide body that created spacious playing areas. This made Atari’s pinball machines stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the company only managed to manufacture seven models. George Opperman was the mastermind behind these machines and he was also the one who invented the Atari logo that is still used to this day. Pinball fans born in the 70s or early 80s can relate to these special features and themes being so enjoyable when watching ancient cartoons with Opperman’s art.

Shortcomings and the Advancement of Atari Pinball Machines and Games

There are a few reasons as to why Opperman’s Atari pinball machines became a failure and their production was stopped. The machines are slow in whichever angle they are placed. The music or audio is the same across the machines thus, monotonous and boring to the Atari flipper pinball game players. However, with the new advancements in technology and the rise of new manufacturers, pinball is becoming more and more popular. The machines are being produced with new features and technology. This has brought about special changes to the Atari’s standard pinball fare, giving players an exciting, rare and thrilling experience.

Atari Flipper Games

Atari flipper boasts of various games that are played worldwide such as the Atarians and Airborne Avengers. Airborne Avengers were incorporated from 1976-1983 and Atari managed to manufacture 3,420 units. It was designed by Steve Ritchie with George Opperman’s design. The game has notable features such as slingshots, motor flipper coils, Pop bumpers, Kick-out holes, standup targets and an adventure combat theme. Other games in this vein include Hercules and Superman. Hercules is a Disney action game that was released on 20th June 1997 featuring Hercules. It is available on PlayStation, Playboy and Microsoft Windows formats. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Virgin group and THQ.