Stern Flipper

You can never talk about gaming without mentioning Stern Flipper gaming machines. Pinball, or Flipper, games were originally a product of Stern Electronics, Inc., the manufacturer of arcade video games. Anyone who played pinball machines in game arcades as children would no doubt have played on one of Stern’s Flipper machines.

Stern Pinball Inc. took over the world of pinball machines in 1999 after the original company switched its focus to slot machines. Stern Pinball Inc. is now the leader of innovation in the flipper industry due to its famous programmers and designers. They offer ultra-modern flipper machines as well as vintage machines.

Pinball and Arcade Games

Stern Pinball Inc., boasts a myriad of video games. There are Pinball games and arcade games. The notable pinball machines and games include the following; Arabian Nights, Flash Gordon, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Captain Fantastic, Lord of the Rings, Revenge from Mars, Ironman, Theatre of Magic, and many others. The list is endless.

Another branch of games is the video games. It involves classic games, redemption, bike, table, driving and shooting games. Some of the specific video games that you can’t miss from Stern include; Asteroids, Centipede, Air hockey, MotoGP, The Crane, Smokin Tokin, and Pacman. Remember, Stern Pinball inc., is still discovering and re-discovering more tantalizing games.

Tournaments and Events

Stern Flipper offers an opportunity to pinball enthusiasts, operators, and fans of the game from all around the world to participate in a competition. The tournaments are based on a bank of designated machines. The participants enjoy the thrilling experience of different games and consequently, the winners are awarded trophies and great prizes.

Stern Pinball Inc., gives back to the community by hosting birthday parties, fundraising events, school trips, and club meetings. In these events, the organisers and revellers have the chance to feel the excitement and electrifying effect of the Flippers machines and games. Visit any Flipper arcade and play some pinball. It’s almost as addictive as playing casino games like baccarat.